Silk Painting

Vibrant, translucent colours, and  a beauty in painting that can only be achieved in the effects created by it's material and the manner in which it is treated.

I am an accomplished silk painter with 15 years experience in this field. As a media this has allowed me to express my love of using tropical bright colours and the play of a definitive outline. I often use it as a means of mapping my designs for other paintings.

Today the ancient art of silk painting is increasing in popularity as an art form due to changes in techniques and materials available to the artist and varying techniques can be applied.

With modern dyes and paints and a variety of different silk fibres the design possibilities are limitless.

In my work, using a medium-weight Habotai silk, Pébéo, Setasilk, Deka, (and other iron-fixed silk paints), clear water solvent gutta and in some paintings diffusers as the resist, in order to develop a technique that can hide the resist lines.

This works particularly well when creating a landscape painting on silk for example.
I can work lightly with the brushes and colours creating results that are more free flowing and fluid.

In other examples I use coloured gutta to highlight the resist lines for a more modern and bold image of my designs. This gives me the opportunity to approach my ideas more boldly with strong vivid swirls of vibrancy.

When I first started painting on silk and I saw how the colour flowed into the fabric, the exciting possibilities of the medium inspired me. I tried out various styles and subjects finding that tropical themes, colourful flowers and birds best suited my approach to silk painting due to the depth I wanted to create and the richness of my colour mixing.

My designs are mostly figurative; I like to explore themes for every type of audience and varying tastes in colour and design.


Although most of my painting is detailed and controlled, I like to experiment. I make a mental note of how I produce the various effects so that I can use them later in my other paintings.

The finished pictures are carefully stretched and mounted on acid-free board and then framed for exhibition, in high-quality solid wood frames ready for hanging.

Images of my paintings are also available as greetings cards.

Commissions can be undertaken on all subjects suitable for rendering on silk.

A selection of limited edition prints and price list for artworks is available on request.  Contact

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