The Artist

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I am a multi media artist, a surrealist and an abstract expressionist.  Others describe me this way, which I like, so as not to be pigeon holed.  I enjoy letting my imagination run away with itself.

Working for too long in any particular genre, for me, causes a feeling of stagnation. Surrealism is an attractive influence to my thoughts and ideas, as much as my desire to bring about an awareness of rules and confines of systems that I have come to learn that operate us.

I have learned that I am in control of that as much as my mind will allow my hands to push my paintbrushes or pen, and there can't be any rules in this place. 

I came to realise that in order for me to convey a sense of mystery and wonder to the viewer, that they need to make a connection with the work in front of them. To realistically achieve this I have to be inspired by something I am trying to share through my work and the viewer needs a focal point in order for it to become a form of communication.

I try to be objective about how I see the world. This can be a struggle sometimes because I generally get frustrated by the ignorance of the world around me. I suppose many of my paintings are about personal duality too, for me like a meeting in the middle. My life skills, views, travel, and experiences, are therefore quite apparent in much of the work that I do.

I am most comfortable when painting on a large scale, preferably wall size, murals and backdrops. Such commissions enable me to convey my huge imagination and artistic license more effectively. I have currently run out of wallspace of my own.

I aim through my work to encourage people to think about their thinking sometimes by engaging the viewer with a variety of views, like through a kaleidoscope. Creatively, it has been a fun journey so far.

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